Last year was very tough for me so I decided to start a project that'd help me get through the mourning I was in. I want to rediscovering my love for drawing musicians, filmmakers, and superheroes, just like when I was 13-14. Now, I'm starting to produce my own animations, fueled by a dream to work with inspiring figures. I love the music, I love the animation... well, I love Rancid too. That's why I start Time Bomb for the first video of the project ❤️‍🔥

I discovered Rancid around age 13, pirating clips of 'Hyena' and 'Time Bomb' which took ages to download, and after watching them, I lost my mind. I'd just started to learn about punk and Rancid was, unlike any other band. I was extremely impressed. I started to listen all their albums like crazy. At that time, I also started learning to play bass and imagine the time I listened to Maxwell Murder 🤯

Rancid is still making incredibly good music. They released one of the best albums of last year. Thank you for everything Rancid, I hope you can come to Turkey for a concert one day :')) xo
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